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Timelines and cost of incorporation

▣ It takes one to two week to establish a Branch office or Corporation after capital
remittance (detailed below) and the required documents are received. The fees for
establishing a branch or corporation is at competitive prices. Please, contact us via email or call.

▣ Minimum Investment Capital required for establishing a branch office or foreign
investment corporation is 100,000,000KRW. This type of investment benefits from
certain tax incentives and the investor receive a D-8 Investment Visa.

▣ The main difference between Branch Office and Corporation lies in taxation. In the
case of a local corporation, you only need to pay local corporate tax. For a branch,
you need to pay a branch tax and as well as report this tax to your head office
Please be aware that if the day for settling accounts is different between the Korean branch and your head office, you need to redundantly settle twice.